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Design of the Technical Protection System

Our company, in cooperation with its partners, is engaged in the design and execution of electrical installations.
We have a large number of Conceptual and Main Projects as well as As-built documentation on different types and purposes. For each faciity, we design and execute complete outdoor and indoor installations.
When undertaking the project, we apply all the laws, standards, regulations and recommendations issued by competent state and professional services, using the latest professional programs and equipment. In many years of work we have had the privilege of acquiring a number of professional associates when it comes to renowned manufacturers, distributors of domestic and foreign equipment and materials. We owe them special gratitude for the promptness in finding the best solution for each part of the project.
Our colleagues and professional associates are engaged in designing and they are recognized as professionals in their business.

Technical Protection

In our wide range of services there are also: installation of intercom systems, video intercoms, sound systems, IT networks.
We want to specially emphasize the basic segments of technical protection and accordingly we point out installation, maintenance and remote monitoring in our MONITORING CENTER.
The monitoring center is equipped with state-of-the-art technical means which, in case of incidents such as burglaries, space violation, fire or triggering panic alarms, enable the duty guardians and dispatchers to quickly process signals and react by sending a mobile patrol to an endangered facility, police and other emergency services, if necessary.
We own all the necessary licenses, as well as the certificates that are necessary for the installation of the technical protection system.

Digital and IP video surveillance


Anti-theft system


Fire alarm system


Access control system