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Consultancy services in the domain of private security

Security consulting is a special service we provide and relates to the previously done detailed analysis and assessment of the degree of vulnerability of our subject matter. Based on this assessment, our expert team determines the necessary human and technical resources, which adequately, efficiently and in the best possible way perform his / her task, which is to provide complete protection of the client. Our expert team will provide you with precise and reliable services such as design, analysis and assessment of action plans and standard operating procedures.
The security consulting that we offer allows you to effectively use the availability of your resources and, accordingly, to provide the best type of security you need.

Physical protection

We represent our company as highly specialized in providing a wide range of services in the field of protection of persons and property in the territory of Montenegro. Pre-established work procedures in accordance with the requirements and needs of users are the mechanism of functioning of our physical security. Within the scope of physical protection, the patrol service also makes a tour of the facilities several times during the period of 24 hours, unlike the standard engagement of the guard.
The order of tours during the different time periods is defined in advance for each of the facilities, at the same time not allowing the establishment of a template that would facilitate a potential attack. This mode of action is preventive action and it is most effective when it is connected to the monitoring center, or technical protection.

The protection of persons and property
Protection of public gatherings and cultural and sport events
Transportation of money and valuables
Consultancy services in the domain of private security